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Salomon Premiere Splitboard Review

Salomon Premier Splitboard Overview The Salomon premier splitboard is one of the most unique split boards on the market. It currently comes in two sizes a 159 and a 165. The Salomon s/lab split board retails for $1,500. Some of the benefits are it's lightweight track lock technology that reduces the weight underfoot. The most noticeable difference when comparing the premier split board to other split boards on the market is the agile two-piece removable [...]

Fitwell – Backcountry Splitboard Boot Review

The Fitwell Backcountry AT mountaineering boot is the ultimate splitboarding boot, but is it something you need as a splitboarder?  Is it worth the expensive cost, or will your everyday snowboard boots fit the bill?  We at had a chance to try out the Fitwell Backcountry boot firsthand in many different environments and terrain. Let’s be realistic, currently, there are only a few Splitboard specific snowboard boots on the market. Deeluxe makes a few, [...]

K2 Mountaineering Splitboard Boot

It looks like K2 will be coming out with a mountaineering/splitboard boot next season. Equipment with lacing and internal boa. This stiff boot will cater to those long tours, and mountaineering adventures. We didn't get a lot of information about the boot, but did grab a photo of it.  

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