Splitboard Boots

Splitboard Snowboard Boots

Most splitboarders will use a normal snowboard boot for splitboarding.  These work relatively well and are great for use when first getting into the sport.  There are some tricks and tips that splitboarders use when using a regular snowboard boot to make them a little more efficient or work a little better in the backcountry.  The first time is to loosen the cuff when on non-technical terrain.  This will allow you to take longer strides on your ski however it reduces the stability on the ski if you are side-hilling a steep traverse.  The second tip would be to lace them up tight when in technical terrain.  Stiffer boots offer more stability when snowboarding down, or climbing up.  Boots with quick lace systems like BOA or Speed Zone are great to be able to quickly loosen or tighten a boot on the move.

Splitboard Specific Soft Boots

There are a few splitboard specific snowboarding soft boots.  Some of th, K2 Aspect, Deelux e more popular boots are the Burton Tourist, 32 Jones, Vans Hi-Country, Salomon Trek S/Lab, Fitwell and  Deeluxe Spark.  Most of these boots are crampon-compatible.

Splitboard Hard Boots

There currently aren’t any splitboard specific hard boot being manufactured. Most splitboard hard boots are alpine touring boots with modifications to them.  The most popular likely being the Phantom Slipper modeled after the Atomic backland.


Another popular ski boot for splitboarders is the Dynafit TLT6.