The North Face Men’s Router Back Pack Review

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Color: Black

The North Face Router backpack is designed to provide a good day pack that can be used to carry your books to class or on the trail as a weekend warrior. It has all the bells and whistles needed to keep a day hiker happy.

The Shoulder straps are made from North Faces FlexVent injection molding. This provides added comfort, but aside from a basic nylon strap, it’s not a comfort that your going to notice a huge difference from the majority of other packs on the market. The spine of the backpack has a channel for your spin which is a noticeable difference. We would assume if carrying a heavy load, this would dramatically improve the overall comfort.

There are plenty of pockets large and small, with a laptop specific padded pocket and dedicated tablet neoprene sleeve. These are nice and double as excellent organization compartments when using the pack without a laptop, and the need to protect your gear. These options combine with stretchy side mount water bottle holder, power cord pocket, and webbing loops make this a heavy hitter for a backpack that needs to play multiple roles in your life. When lightly loaded the compression straps make the pack stay in place.

We have always loved North Face backpacks. However, we have noticed the black fabric fades a bit in the sun after years of use, but we like to think of that as more of a badge of honor that you were rewarded enough time in the sun to get your pack to that point.


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